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Countryside Walks

Around the Countryside

There are plenty of countryside walks a stone's throw from Well-i-Hole Farm Campsite

The district of Saddleworth is so beautiful and soaked in history that a visitor will find it all of interest. We focus more on the history on our Saddleworth History page, but here highlight particular places within easy reach of our caravan site, that we believe you will find interesting to visit.


Greenfield, built in the valley of the River Chew and at the edge of the Peak District which became Britain's first National Park in 1951, is ideal for moorland walks up to heights of approximately 600 metres.

Dove Stone reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir

Dovestone Reservoir, and its surrounding area, including Indian's Head, Binn Green and Chew Brook, and the magnificent twin peaks of Alderman and Alphin, is the main feature of Greenfield. Found just a few minutes drive from our caravan site, at the end of Manchester Road onto Holmfirth Road (which leads to the infamous Holmfirth where BBCTV's 'Last Of The Summer Wine' is filmed). There is a sailing club, and a small memorial near the reservoir.

Indian's Head

Indian's Head

Indian's Head and Chew Brook reservoir can be found overlooking Dove Stone. The hill Indian's Head got it's name from the nature of its rock formation. This is an incredible talking point, especially for children, who will tilt their heads many a time to imagine a giant Indian Chief lying down at the top of the hill.

Pots 'n' Pans

Pots 'n' Pans

From our caravan site you won't be able to help but notice a hill in the distance with a War memorial. This is Pots 'n' Pans, where every Remembrance Sunday a memorial service is held. The memorial was erected in 1923. It is well worth climbing to the top if you have the time and energy. Great exercise! It is not only interesting to see and read the memorial, but from there you will have incredible views of Greenfield. Breathtaking!

Uppermill at night


Uppermill is the largest of Saddleworth's villages, and is known to many as "the capital of Saddleworth". It is a very popular tourist attraction, including Brownhills Countryside Centre, numerous craft shops, art galleries, gift shops, restaurants, public houses and tea shops. Saddleworth Museum can be found on the high street of Uppermill, and includes the history of the area from Roman times. It also has an Art Gallery, and exhibitions.